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All this (YWAMKnowledgeBase:Being a Missionary Thread):

  • Completed a DTS

Personal support

  • Understands basics of communication for relating to supporters and churches
  • Has implemented a communication plan
  • Has a clear and realistic personal annual budget
  • Understands how to relationally fund-raise to meet their budget
  • Gaining an understanding of a career path in YWAM
  • Has considered long term implications of working with YWAM (and is working towards finding solutions for them)
    • Health plans
    • Pensions and future provision
    • Will
    • Debts cleared

YWAM Connection

  • Has made a 2+ year commitment to a YWAM centre/team (or following a degree course with U of N)
  • Well orientated to YWAM centre and base
  • Attending a local church
  • Understands who to thrive in a multi-cultural team
  • Understand who is who in YWAM and the overall picture of YWAM
  • Can represent YWAM. Can explain clearly and simply:
    • What YWAM is
    • The history, vision and goals of YWAM
    • Their part in YWAM

Skills and Knowledge

  • Competent at personal evangelism (even if not role in mission)
  • Competent at prayer and intercession
  • Can lead a small group discussion
  • Can lead worship on a small scale
  • Principle of contextualisation
  • Awareness of the cause and need for world evangelisation and missions
  • Knows how to live in simplicity
  • Is taking control of their own education and seeking to develop better skills and knowledge for missions
  • Understands the values, history, principles and practice of missions to Global Perspectives standard level (discuss this! --Kev-The-Hasty 15:32, 26 June 2009 (CEST))
  • Aware of key values and policy documents of YWAM
  • Growing confidence in hearing God's voice and ministry in the Spirit.

Cross-Cultural Missionary Work

  • Learning and mastering the language(s) needed for ministry in culture
  • Orientated and aware of customs and traditions of culture
  • Aware of culture shock and coping strategies in place
  • Has good personal emotional support base in YWAM or local church
  • Has reviewed (because out of home culture)
    • Health plans
    • Insurance
    • Will
    • Pensions
  • Having a good time!