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A Wireless network is very useful. But there are some points worth considering...

  1. When siting a Wireless Network router place it up as high as possible: It works best like this. Do not put it in a cupboard.
  2. Try to buy all wireless routers from only one company. Maybe, someday, for some advanced features (e.g. Repeater-Mode) you will need this.
  3. Use encryption! Do not allow your network to be exposed to the general public.
    • Actually your agreement with your ISP may forbid you from sharing your wireless connection with the general public or there may be a National law as in Germany, that forbids unencrypted wireless networks
    • If you have any Personal Data kept on your network that is accessible by anyone on the network (why?!) then you are in danger of breaching the EU data protection laws. You must secure that data and hence secure the network.
    • Use the newer WPA (and WPA2) encryption in preference to the older and less secure WEP encryption. But use WEP in preference to no encryption.
  4. Pick a good password. A good encryption with a bad password is ... well ... a bad encryption.
  5. Passwords can be very hard to enter correctly as clients that mask the users password data on entry don't let you know what you are typing
    • You could recommend that users type the password in a wordprocessor/note pad and cut and paste the password in to the password box...