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Learning how to write in Wiki does take some time, but not as much as you might think. It is quite easy. But it does require some practice. It is a learning process in which we all learn through doing, making lots of errors, but it is all easy to correct.

Best advice: Keep going and ask for help if you are really stuck.

The Basics - All what is needed to make a great page.
Text Emphasis - To make text Bold or use Italics.
Headings - To create 4 sizes of headings.
Lists - To use bullets points, numbers or definitions to make a list.
Start New Page - Make a page, move it and change its name.
Links - Make connection with other pages, websites, bible texts, categories and ISBN.
Citations and references - To make footnotes for sources.
Images - Pictures and galleries.
Videos - Show a video or movie on a page.
Your First Article
User Profile - Start with your own profile.
Advanced - Simple but a bit harder.
Resize text - Bigger and smaller.
Language Codes - Write articles in non-English languages and organise them accordingly.
Media Templates - Text, sound files and others.
Link Color - Turn it around: make the background blue, and the link white.
Colors - Play with colors.
Picture Links - How to use a picture to link to a page.
Turn Off Wiki - To see the wikicodes.
Table of Contents - How to move or remove it.
Tables - To make nice organised tables or galleries.
Templates - The wonderful world of templates. How to get to understand them and make them work.
Inclusion - Pulling stuff from elsewhere on the KB.
PDF - Use PDF on the KB.
Redirect - Connecting a page through the search box.
Expert - Hard stuff in simple language.
Main Page - To understand what is behind this whole wiki-spiderweb.
Wiki World - Here you will find wiki pages to help you with other options and Wiki study material.
Translations - Connect and translate the KB pages.