Where have I been on outreach?

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Where Where Have I Been on Outreach?

This form was invented to keep a record of where outreaches have been and to build up the bigger picture of what the outreaches are contributing to. If an outreach has an opportunity to play a part in a bigger endeavour we need to capture all that we have done and learned. It seems as though this information could be put straight into a knowledge base.

Purpose of This Form

  • To retain the information and fruit from the outreach for my base's targeting. (Something for us to build upon.)
  • To enable us to communicate statistics and stories.
  • And as an assessment tool so that I can determine whether my team achieved its objectives or not.

What Should I do With This Form?

Please talk with your base leaders about this form and then give one copy of this form to the person on your base who is responsible for targeting and send another copy to ........at Harpenden.

My name                                                                          
My team members
We went to
It cost each of us about
We worked with
The evangelism we did was
In terms of sowing (building relationships)
In terms of reaping (seeing people come to Christ)
In terms of keeping (follow up of converts, integration etc)
The church work we did was
The overall achievement from our outreach was? Stories, testimonies, miracles etc.
Our team learned the following and the results of the outreach for the members personally was
How did this outreach help my base to further its strategy to reach this nation, unreached people or city?
How did this outreach help me to discover and grow into God's plan for me?
How would another outreach to this place be beneficial?
My future contact address and phone number are