Where do I start a new team?

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Bascially you should follow Tim Svoboda's advice on Why YWAM needs to focus on Cities... and go to a city pop.>100,000

Other Advice

Here is Bruce Clewett's advice from when he first moved to Austria many years ago. Bruce and his friends were living in Germany at Hurlach. They followed these steps over a period of time and came to move there and start YWAM Austria.

  1. pray for the place, a lot.
  2. then, ask God for His strategy for the place, pray a lot
  3. then ask God what you could do

It is also essential to consider a few more points from "wisdom" perspective:

  1. Is there a strategically important place? (Capital city, Regional capital, University city, Political influence) Is there hunting nearby?
  2. Are there people there, preferably un-reached! (I personally would never advise a team to start in a population centre of less than 100,000 - although we have many training centres in such places this is often due to the low cost of accommodation. Only 1/3 of our calling requires training centres, the other 2/3rds needs people! --Kev-The-Hasty 11:48, 21 July 2007 (BST))
  3. Are there good communications: Road networks, Rail networks, Airports, Ferries,Buses, Trams, Metros. YWAMers GO a lot and it is important it is easy to come and go.
  4. Does it fit with the National, Regional and/or 4K strategy?
  5. It is always important to look to the Gaps in what is already existing or the church is already reaching and find the frontiers. Both in the un-reached people groups and the un-reached parts of our cities and towns.

Finding a place that combines the points above creates a lot of options and possibilities!