Where am I going on outreach?

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Where am I Taking My Outreach Team?

This form was invented to help outreach leaders see the bigger picture. Without considering the context, some outreach leaders can come up with zany ideas -- and often want to go to highly 'reached' areas. Working through this should help the leader 'hear from God' more accurately. I remember the first time I heard Loren Cunningham talk about Central Asia -- I'd never heard of Central Asia! It is hard to hear God saying go to some place you've never heard of!!!

Outreach plan.png

Purpose of This Form

To help me think and pray through the decision of where to go and what to do with the outreach I will lead. After I have filled in this form I will have confidence that what God is leading me to do will fit into the bigger picture; it should lead me deeper into God's plan for my own life and it should contribute to establishing the church in the location I come up with.

What Should I do With This Form?

Please talk with your base leaders about this form and then give one copy of this form to the person on your base who is responsible for targeting and send another copy to ........at Harpenden.

My name                                                                                                                          
My base
The school or programme that my outreach is associated with
My base and nation are working at developing long term strategies to achieve YWAM's Target 2000 goals. What are my base's and nation's targeted nations, people groups or cities?
What are the major strategies my base and nation have developed to reach those nations, people groups or cities?
What have I got in mind---proposed location, duration, approximate leaving date and activities, contact church
How does what I've hoped to do fit in with my base's and nations' strategies? (If those strategies are limited---or non-existent--- how could this team spearhead a long term target for the base or nation?)
What is God saying?
How does this outreach fit in with God's vision, goals and direction for my life?