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In Western Europe we are seeking to build a functional network between people starting news teams, bases that want to start new teams and existing new teams.

Our aim is to discover how to plant 1000 new evangelism teams to evangelise and reach Western Europe.

When we meet together we often look at these 4 questions:

  1. How can we build a useful network?
  2. How could we have 1000 teams?
  3. What training would it take to see it happen?
  4. How can we gain a voice in YWAM?
  • See also this page for more and better information: New Teams Network
  • We have some space on this KB where we are making notes of our meetings
  • We have a New Teams Network group on Facebook where we can meet and talk
  • We welcome all people interested in sharing our aims, whether inside Western Europe or not!

Resource People: On this page we are going to put the names of people involved in new teams in Europe and the expertise they can offer the rest of us. Please put your own name down and what you have learned that you can pass on to others -- you are a resource person and you know something between 1 and 100% of what is needed to start and run a new team in Europe!!!