WELC 2012 Church Planting Breakout Group Notes

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Church Planting breakout Group Notes

Facilitated by Kevin Colyer, 8 Feb 2012, WELC 2012


  • Helena- England:Forever Team
  • Jim- Germany
  • Hank- France
  • Lorna- Albania
  • Steve- England
  • Belinda- Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Wolfgang- Germany
  • Linn- Carlisle
  • Corbin- Scotland

Big Questions

  • Is YWAM called to plant churches, but not maintain them?
The answer is a definite no – YWAM is called not only to plant, and maintaining them is not against YWAM DNA. Ideally would be to eventually raise up local leaders. Another question is what is a YWAMer!? Although, being a full-time paid pastor in a church would mean that they were no longer with YWAM.
  • Who to cooperate with? How does partnership work?
It is hard work, but not harder than any other team. Must have similar goal, but also be able to have own projects and help each other out.
Mixed feelings about partnership. Not a problem with partnership, but with partners! When partners change, it can become different.
  • Do we know of a model or way to rapidly get people into church planting?
  • How do you go about building a church team or a base/centre?
Shared vision. Does it work to have the church plant close to a cosmopolitan YWAM base? Is it beneficial to the church plant, and being able to be reproducible, if too many YWAMers come to it?
Alpha course that never ends :-) Fresh Expressions: Cafe Church in a bar... Sweaty church. Messy Church. Liquid church. All this seems to have a great ability to meeting the need of people who wouldn't normally enter a church.
Step 1: bring out a statement, raising up profile of CP... step 2: raising people and motivating them to become Cps.
  • What is authentic church? What should it look like? What can we not take out of the equation?
7 essentials of what a church is: from George Patterson:
  1. repent and believe,
  2. baptised and filled with the Spirit,
  3. love God, Christians and your neighbours,
  4. Lord's supper,
  5. pray and read God's word,
  6. give sacrificially,
  7. evangelise and disciple others.
We need to contextualise our church, to be appropriate for our context.
Hank talked about working with Catholics... have to be able to work with Catholics – for instance having huge meetings in France: but it is made of majority of Catholics. Unity meetings and prayer together.

Action points

  • getting/creating a statement on the importance of CP from the leadership (Jim!)
  • action group to write up essentials for YWAM KB
  • read “You see bones, I see an Army” Floyd McClung
  • Contact YWAM Church Planting Coaches for help and resources