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Dick Brouwer --- Call2All

Dick was the base leader at Heidebeek. He gets people excited about the task and champions young people.

Some of the main themes in first call2all congress in the US earlier this year. And a few applications. We will hear much more about this movement over the next years.

Have only been working with this for the last year or so.

What is Call2All?

call2all is a world wide effort to call the church to a collaborative effort to complete the Great Commission.

It is world wide, not American. It will be an international movement calling the church at large including us to a renewed focus and collaboration with the great commission.

First Congress

First congress in Orlando, the inaugural congress, so extra nice, a lot of effort put into the presentations, amazing. But we shouldn't be distracted by the luxury we saw there. Met in a 40 -- 50 million dollar church. Sound and light equipment was 10 million dollars. 30 metre wide screen.... All these beautiful presentations -- like being in space.

It was about convening and converging. Bringing people to get together and begin to flow together and create new things. This is a word to us in YWAM too. As an international movement we are called to bring people together. This call2all is an example of this. Chairman of global pastors network is a YWAMer. There were 170 organizations represented! Convening and converging is not just for Loren and Mark Anderson, it is for us in our nations and cities. Are you and I bringing people together around the table from different organizations and allow the mission to be shaped by others around the table.

Bill Bright's Vision

Bill Bright had this great vision and is now with the Lord. The vision is still alive in the call2all. He had the vision to reach one billion souls and plant 5 million new churches. This is some of the foundational vision for this movement and reflects the vision of the call2all.

Not much emphasis on discipling nations but much on evangelism and church planting and Bible translation. It is getting the gospel out there.

Main Subjects of the Event

And these subjects are going to be the substance of a lot of the agenda setting for the next year


Much on the website, have a look, it is in English as well as some other languages. There are not many groupings that contain so many Christian organizations. And they were so ready to serve one another. They were committing themselves to one another. It gives us permission to do that ourselves. It is the prayer of many people that our unity will grow world wide and this movement is an [impetuous] to that. Unity was a very important thing and will be for years to come. And the prayer movements and missions movements were coming together. Leaders of the IHOP and other prayer movements were there too. And they too committed to pray 24/7 for the missions movements.

The Call

And the call on the Saturday following the conference.

Complete the Great Commission

Stephen Douglas and Loren Cunningham were to answer the question, Can we complete the Great Commission? Answer -- We can do it in 10 years. I don't necessarily have the faith for that 10 years but I was encouraged and inspired in faith. People are praying and planning in unprecedented ways and they are one, unity is there.


And then looked at some of the beautiful opportunities to spread the good news. I was ignorant of some of these issues. Looked at the whole topic of orality. 2/3 of the world's population are aural learners or oral communicators, some by choice, some by necessity. That is 4 million+ who are that but most missionaries are into literate communication. Actually we hinder many people from hearing the gospel. We are a part of this: Everyone can hear the Bible in their heart language. Wycliffe normally takes about 10 years to translate the New Testament buy many peoples don't even have a written language and so they need to be taught to read! It takes many years. With this one story approach can get the Bible out in 2 years and with only a few people. Get inspired by it and get involved in it. Loren is excited about this he is always keen on getting the Bible out.

Unengaged Unreached People Groups

there is a group called Completing the Task led by the previous director of the Jesus Film. They have made a list of 639 UUPGs each with at least 100 000 people. If we want to be involved in frontier missions need to look at this.

4K Framework for Missions

David Hamilton is one of the architects for the 4k framework. A new map of the world to help us respond to the needs of the world. Instead of nations we look at omega zones there are about four thousand. All these organizations are embracing the 4k concept for missions. We still need to discover how to benefit from this beautiful tool. If we really make use to this and begin to report back where we are working and where we are doing then....It is a beautiful resource and still being developed. Can develop your own maps. Can use google earth to check out 4k on the their maps. There is an [overlay] that you can use. We had some prayer times on a world map about the size of this room! With all four thousand omega zones named on it. Walked across praying for them by name and writing prayers with post-its. People saw places they had never heard of. David said, If you don't know the names of them and can't place them on the map then we can't pray and can't go. China is a huge country with about 950 omega zones. We know a lot about these, were they are, their spiritual needs.... Use it to build your strategies.

Church Planting Movements

Spent a lot of time looking at promoting church planting movements. Happy that Gina Fadely was there our Frontier Missions Director she lives in Spain. And I wonder how we are doing with our Schools of Frontier Missions?

Other Strategies

Hi tech and reaching young people. Through telephones. In the Western world every young person has a telephone. Businessman has put 1 million into an online telephone network. And social networks and youtube video sites. The yaaway is a combination of those. Also look at soocial. These can be wonderful reaching young people.

Other People Who Were There Included

Danny Lehman, Luis Palau

Congresses Coming Up

It was all about completing the Great Commission. Will have congresses in Europe probably one in the East and one in the West. Need to be aware of them and get involved. As European leaders we need to help in shaping this. There will be some congresses in Africa this year and there will be an African call2all that they will own. Do we want to commit to something bigger than just our organization? And even allow it to be changed a bit to see the Great Commission completed and the world reached. We completed commitment cards listing the number of people we will communicate the gospel to and how many decisions and how many churches we would take responsibility for. The billion were covered by those who were there in Orlando. Keep an eye on the websites. In the Netherlands we are going to see a new expression in each zone in the country.