WELC08/Ina Steyn's Devotion

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Ina Steyn -- Back to Basics -- Strongholds

Ina Leads intercession in Western Europe

Major on the Basics

Cannot become professional, must major on the basics. Repentance, strongholds -- welcome to the basics. Prophetic word is 200k new workers and we hence need a supernatural out breaking of the power of God and it will only happen through clean vessels. I love the sound of forgiveness and repentance coming through Tom Bloomer's word to YWAM.

What is a Stronghold?

We have all been confronted by strongholds this week -- the lies we believe about our lives and our callings. What are the strongholds in your life and base and generation? What is it that holds your nation from coming into its fulness? What are we accepting? What is it that is not true?

Breaking out of strongholds and embracing truth and the power of God. How are strongholds developed in our lives?

Hurt and offence happens and becomes a foothold in our lives if not dealt with and released. It becomes a place for the enemy to plant the lies in our lives. Leads to changed and restricted behaviours and influences our relationships and ministry.

How do We Fight a Stronghold?

Can't renounce it, must confront it with the truth. Our weapons are not carnal. Ephesians 6 Our weapons are powerful and spiritual. I encourage small group discussion to discover the truths but must then repent. "I'm sorry I believed the lie and held the offence and I let go of it and the blood of Jesus breaks down the stronghold. Repentance is the place of waiting on God. Lord, What is the lie I accept. Basics, hearing God's voice. Tonight is a night of prayer beginning right after the evening meeting.

Lies are very subtle -- wait on God and let Him speak to you about some of them.

Repentance breaks down strongholds. Repent over the revelation that God has given this week. New start and receive the truth that enables you to start afresh.