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Asking YWAM missionaries for their personal stack of useful resources on Africa is an awesome thing to do. This page is containing a stream of resources that will make you more prepared to take on the challenge of reaching out in Africa.


For books we are looking at a mix. We specifically like to receive books that are written from an African point of view. Although Western books are just as much welcome.

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Anything is welcome. Big blockbusters, documentaries and anything that YWAM has made.


Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Nubia
Learn about the history of the people in the East of Africa. Included are the nations of Sudan and South Sudan.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Ethiopia
Where is the ark of the covenant? How did Christianity come to Ethiopia. Here you can learn more about it.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Great Zimbabwe
Africa isn't poor. It is rich and the episode shows it clearly. Nations shown are Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: West Africa
It surprised the British, but Africa is more sophisticated than we think. Be amazed. Focus is on Nigeria and Mali.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: The Kingdom of Asante
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: The Zulu Kingdom
In the 19th century a new nation got united under one man, Shaka Zulu. The Zulu tribes were able to withstand the colonizers of the Cape. Important history for the people of South Africa.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: The Berber Kingdom of Morocco
In the North of Africa the belief of Islam spread quickly. In this episode you can see how that happened. It is specifically about Morroco, but also Western Sahara, Mauritania and Algeria are included.
Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Bunyoro & Buganda


Machine Gun Preacher
This movie based on the real story about pastor Sam Childers is showing the tough reality of the center of Africa in Sudan and South Sudan.