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University of the Nations

The University of the Nations (UofN) is a different type of university than others. It is not fixed in one location, but spread around on 6 continents. It is extremly diverse with 7 different colleges/faculties. Offering schools which will support missionary work anywhere.

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The UofN was founded in 1978, although at that time it was called the Pacific & Asia Christian University (PACU). In 1988-89 there became a need to rename the university due to the large spreading of the schools and campuses worldwide. The official name change took place on June 2 1989. [1]

Why should YWAM have a University - letter by Tom Bloomer.

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Arts and Sports Faculty
Christian Ministries Faculty
Communication Faculty
Counselling and Health Care Faculty
Education Faculty
Humanities and International Studies Faculty
Science and Technology Faculty
Mixed Faculties
Not Yet Registered

Academical Information


With a degree there will be a lot of options to continue working in a specific field. To find out more about getting a degree, click here: - Degrees


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