Transformational vs Transactional

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Leadership Style

Transformational vs Transactional or Charismatic

In recent years there has been a growing discussion and body of research on leadership styles. Are some leadership styles good or bad, are some leadership styles appropriate or inappropriate? Are some styles more effective than others? Are some leadership styles more suited to the vision that YWAM has? I first heard the distinction between transactional and transformational leadership styles from the research of Tom Bloomer in 1999 at the UofN conference in Colorado Springs and was struck with the contrast. It is pretty apparent that transactional leadership is certainly not appropriate for in YWAM. I suspect there is very little, and has rarely been, transactional leadership in YWAM.

However, there is still a variation in style within YWAM that bears looking at. There is growing research about the contrast between charismatic and transformational leadership and we are grateful to Mary Miller for letting us include her paper on that here.