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Small Group Activities

Training Small Group Discussion Leaders Feedback Form

This is a form to fill out when you observe the discussion in order to give immediate feedback.

Small Group Leading

  • Group Leader: _______________
  • Referee: _______________
  • Date: _______________
  • Location: _______________


  • punctuality
  • atmosphere relaxed

Guided Discussion

  • leader monopolised discussion?
  • leader gave most answers
  • could group members participate freely
  • quieter ones drawn out
  • unfruitful tangents avoided
  • open-ended questions asked
  • good conclusions drawn


  • theorising or application after discussion
  • could group share needs
  • leader's openness
  • ministry and gifts active
  • helpful experiences shared
  • biblical absolutes and principles understood


  • personal communication
  • people or notes the focus
  • confident interaction with group
  • logical expression of thought
  • annoying phrases


  • well projected
  • interesting or monotonous
  • pace---slow or fast

Posture and Body Language

  • detract from communication
  • use of face, hands...

Leading a Bible Study

  • confident grasp of the passage
  • draws answers from the group
  • leads to application

Overall Comment

  • well prepared for group time
  • clear direction and guidance
  • group understood process
  • goals achieved
  • led to application


Notes to Help Use This Form:

  1. Meet beforehand and talk about what they are going to do.
    • Make some suggestions.
  2. Sit in on the group and fill out this assessment form in as much detail as possible.
  3. Include phrases and examples so the group leader can identify the particular points
  4. Make certain that most of your comments are positive; they will be far more powerful than negative ones.
  5. Get together as soon after the group as possible to give them feedback.
  6. Repeat this process but focus on one or two things each time.

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