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This is a typical page. Chosen a bit randomly. It is a good page, although there are lots of improvement possible on this page. The good things are that it has a good bit of text, a picture and a set of links to other pages on the KB. The confusing thing is at the top of the page, where a template is collapsing with another template. It needs some fixing.

And another good thing is that the page is put into categories. A whole bunch of them in this case. This is to help with organising. Although this page can use a bit less of them.

Overall, a typical page.

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An example page: The Basic Leadership School (BLS)

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Christian Ministries Faculty

The Basic Leadership School (BLS) is a core component of YWAM England's DTS programme providing the training for staff working on the DTS. It's prime goal is to train staff to lead the best DTS imaginable. A consequence of that is staff who are trained to lead new teams, bases and DTS's.

We have run the BLS as a staff training program on our DTSs in YWAM England for more than 30 years. It can be easily modified to serve as staff training on any course. We experimented for 3 weeks using it on a School of Evangelism and it worked very well.

Key concepts of BLS

History of the BLS

BLS Entry Requirements

Responsibility of BLS Leader

Structure of the BLS

BLS Course Content

BLS Assessment