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Here are the help pages which you can help you with finding your way around further on the YWAM Knowledge Base. It tells you how to search, edit, interact and more.

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The Help Pages:

Help Pages

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Help Contents

With thousands of members from all walks of life, located in nearly every nation on Earth, YWAM staff members are a truly enormous source of information. However, due to the way YWAM is structured, it can be difficult to try to collect all this knowledge. So how can this task be accomplished?

Enter the wiki revolution. Simply stated, a wiki is a website that is collaboratively edited. Unlike traditional websites that are only edited by a select few, a wiki is created by the people who use it. The YWAM Knowledge Base, like YWAM itself, is broad structured and decentralized. If you are a staff member, then you have something to contribute. Maybe you have experience of small group leading in a DTS, or you have first-hand knowledge in frontier missions, or have organized a conference. No matter what you have done in YWAM, you have something to contribute.

To people new to the technology, learning to use a wiki can be a daunting task. However, once you have a bit of practice, wiki technology becomes much easer to use. It is the goal of this guide to make learning about wikis as simple as possible, while still providing a thorough treatment of the topic.

More topics below:

Starting out

Sandbox: a place to try out wiki code without breaking anything Boy kicking sand castle T.png
Help:How To Write in Wiki code Simple Wiki.jpg
25px-Pdf.png A useful handy reference card for writing in wiki. Print it out, laminate it and put it next to your computer!
Movie.png Instructional videos (Hosted thanks to Google Video - small preview videos but you can download larger scale videos if you wish.)


Finding Information
Joining the Discussion


Writing Good Articles
Converting the Heathen - Tips and Hints on getting your knowledge out of Word Processors/PDF's and Web pages and into the Wiki.
Pdf - About PDF's and this knowledgebase.


MediaWiki FAQ is a good page to start from for the technical info on this Wikimedia software.
Wiki namespaces
Wiki Administration