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First Hearing

Tom Bloomer first gave this word at the HUI in New Zealand in 2000 and we did not hear it then. It was a hard word. But now God has given an update to this word. Listen with all your heart. --- Lynn Green

Summary of the Word Given at the Hui

Part One, a Word to the Young YWAMers

The Lord would say to you, you look to the fathers of this mission, to the ones who have gone before. You listen to their stories and you wonder if you will be able to do as well, and many of you have prayed for faith and courage. I tell you this day that your prayers are too small! I would give you a double anointing, to be able to do twice, three times what the first YWAMers did. I have so much authority to give, so much wisdom and understanding and power that I have never been able to share with my people, yet I would share it with you, with this generation. But you must meet my conditions! Ask me and I will show you what they are, as Elisha followed the old prophet and he followed Me. Above all listen to me; and I will show you the conditions, and give you the grace to meet them, and I will give you a double anointing.

Tom: The next part, Part Two, was for YWAMers 40 and older, and it is a heavy word. I know because I had to carry it around for 3 years before I gave it. It is not the word for us here today; it was the word for 7 years ago. I will read it, and then we will see what I believe the Lord has for us today.

Summary of Part Two of the Hui Word

The background of the word is Numbers 32. Two tribes and one half of another tribe chose their own inheritance; they did not want to go on the other side of the Jordan to see the Lord's inheritance. They said to Moses, we want to stay on this side as the land, as we see is a good place to raise our children. They were not cowards, they were committed to helping their brothers. This might not even have been a sin; but they did not go to live on the other side of the Jordan, and they were the first to be carried away into exile. They disappeared from history without a trace; they made their mark on one generation and were forgotten. They had no long-term influence on their nation or the nations around them.

The Lord says to the older generation of YWAM: I have seen your hard work and your perseverance, but I have this against you: you are like these 2 and a half tribes. Many of you have stopped and have not wanted to follow Me. You have chose your own inheritance on this side of the Jordan, and you have not asked what my inheritance is for you.. You saw a stopping place that was a good place to settle, as you were concerned for your little ones. You think that I do not have a plan for you and your little ones. But if you refuse my inheritance, do you think your children and children's children will not be affected? I say to you, they will not be unaffected by your disobedience. Many will be taken away in exile, as were these tribes.

I also have this against you, that I have projects that are too difficult for you unless you work together. When I sent Israel into the promised land they fought as an army. You do not fight in unity. You fight amongst each other. You say Peace, peace, but there is no peace among you. You do not follow me but you are following others. You sing to me my words from the Psalm (2), "Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance." But you do not know what this means, you have not asked me what this means and that is why you do not know what it means. I have been waiting for you to ask me this question, but I have not heard it . . . .

Each of you does what is right in his own eyes. Do not think you are like Caleb and can ask Me to give you your mountain. You are not like Caleb, because he chose my inheritance for him. You cannot ask for your true inheritance because I have not shown it you, and you have not asked me for it because you have decided on your own inheritance.

My people, I remember the close fellowship we had together in your youth. I spoke and you listened and you obeyed, and I showed you many things that I did not show to others because you listened to my voice.

You remember those days and speak of them, you even teach the younger generation and it is good, but did you think that is all I have for you?

Did you not think I have more to teach you and more to give you?

I have this against you, that you do not listen to me like you did before. You no longer desire to be led by ME into new lands. Many of you have stopped, you are fatigued and want to settle down..

Will you follow me and cross the Jordan? I have MUCH MORE for you. Yes there are giants, and fortified cities, and there is warfare, and there will be casualties, and not all the battles will be victories.

But you cannot imagine the wonderful inheritance I have for you on the other side of the Jordan. Can I trust you with more? If not, I will give my projects to others. If I find no others, I will wait. I will wait for a generation yet unborn, to accomplish MY purposes for the nations.

My plans burn with in me and I want to share them with you.. Will you listen to me again and admit your blindness? Will you return to me?

(end of HUI word from 2000.)

Tom Continues With the Update for Today

The challenge of that seven-year-old word was to desire the Lord's inheritance and not choose our own. We cannot speak of crossing the Jordan until that is clear in our hearts.

Here's the good news:

Crossed the Jordan!!!

One year ago the Lord spoke to me and said, "You are across! You have crossed the Jordan!"

Enough leaders and YWAMers have said YES! I want it all. Only the Lord can know this, we cannot even know our own hearts. The Lord did not allow me share this word a year ago, and I did not know why. I wanted to share it then, but I knew it would be disobedience if I did. This last few days I got understanding. After we got across a year ago, the Lord could start to reveal more of our inheritance. And you have been hearing about some of that yesterday, the potential of 200,000 YWAMers working together with over 200 groups and denominations; the possibility of taking the Gospel to every people group closer than it has ever been in history. That was the Lord wanted to show us.

Realignment began two years after the HUI, and the realignment the Lord was working on was to be able to move us across the Jordan. You know the story of the crossing of the river. Once they are across, in Joshua 5, the Lord stops them for a time of circumcision as they were not ready to go into all those battles to get the Promised Land. I submit to you that that is where we are now. We need a new level of his work in us to go to the victories. What could that mean? Here are some thoughts that came to me this week:

  • Circumcised of any unbelief,
  • Circumcised of cynicism.
  • Circumcised of any temptation to resist the word of the Lord; whether it is resisting vision, or the prophetic word of the Lord. This will hold us back from what the Lord has for us. In the GLT Exec 3 people (Maureen, Tom H. and John D.) said it to us, when we reject the word of the Lord either because of the personalities involved, or because of past hurts, or because of the way it is given, we are rejecting Jesus.
  • It is His word and we are rejecting Him.
  • We need to be circumcised of resistance toward leaders, And circumcised of hardness of heart toward co-workers and followers.
  • The enemy tempts us with his voice to go around them, or to go our own way. But we enter the full inheritance only if we are arm-in-arm with our brothers and sisters.
  • We lost 10 years. The Lord gave us a word in the Strategy Conferences
  • 25 years ago, that we would have 50,000 staff. We were on a growth curve to reach this level, and more than 15 years ago we should have been there. But we got off. Praise be to the Lord that He has brought us back. He wants to restore the years that the locusts have eaten. We need to have the workers NOT just to be a bigger organization; but to do what has been on His heart for 2000 years, that every people, nation, tribe and tongue could hear his message.