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Many of us who serve overseas often end up home schooling our children. It is an awesome way to spend time with our kids and to shape their lives. And just simply reading stories to your kids is where your home schooling journey starts. I came across this list of tips for reading to your children and thought I would like to pass it along. I hope you enjoy it!

When you read together, make sure to cuddle up with your child. Giving this physical touch is a great way to show your child that you love them as well as make them want to read more with you.

Take time between pages to look each other in the eyes. Giving your attention in the moment is incredibly important when spending time with your kids. So between pages or at a break in the story make sure to look into your child’s eyes.

Relax. If your child wants to skip pages or read the same story again, and again (and again), it’s okay. This is a good reminder for me, because many times I take control of the reading time, where it’s better to let my kids lead.

Ask your children to point out things in the picture, “Where’s the balloon?” This interaction will help teach them and keep them interested, reading books should be an interactive time.

Ask your child what’s in the picture and talk about whatever they answer. “What is this?” Then ask, “What sound does it make?”

Use the pictures to teach new words. This is a great way to teach your child about the world around them.

Use the story to start a conversation. Like, “Look at this beautiful butterfly”, “Remember when we saw were walking the other day and saw a butterfly?”

Ask questions about the story. “What are the butterflies doing in this picture?” and let your children make things up and stretch their imaginative muscles.

Act out parts of the story, this will keep your children entertained and wanting to read more. Don’t make reading time dull.

Do you have a long wait while running an errand with your child? Then bring a book along and take the time to read to them.

Talk about the books you’ve read when after you’ve read them. “Look! That squirrel is running up the tree, I wonder if he knows the squirrel from the story we read today”

Use a phrase or word from the book you read throughout the day.

These are some helpful tips for reading with your children. And hopefully will be the starting blocks for your child's education.

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