Three Month New Staff Evaluation

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It is good to to ensure that each new staff member is well looked after. We have found that giving staff an initial evaluation at three months is a useful way to see if everything is OK and where support may be needed.

Interview Questions

  1. What things are you enjoying and finding fulfilling in your new role?
  2. What things are you finding difficult?
    • How can we help you in these things?
  3. How is the ministry that you are working in meeting your initial expectations?
  4. Outline any way that your ministry is not meeting your initial expectations.
  5. Are you finding the pastoral cover and accountability adequate and supportive?
    • If not, how could this be improved?
  6. Do you have friends both in and outside YWAM that you can go to for counsel and prayer?
  7. Do you have sufficient financial support to meet your living expenses?
    • If not, what are you doing to improve this situation?
    • How can we assist you in this?
  8. How would you describe your work-load at the moment?
  9. How would you describe you relationships with your leaders?
  10. How would you describe your relationship with other staff members?
  11. Do you feel part of your YWAM centre/base and it's vision?
  12. What would help you feel more of a part of it?
  13. What aspects of being part of YWAM do you find
    • Fulfilling
    • Stimulating and growth producing
    • Irritating
  14. Do you have concerns regarding your leader/team/base/YWAM National work that you would like to share?
  15. Have you any other comments you would like to make?

Original PDF

25px-Pdf.png Three Month Evaluation for New Staff form