Book: The Art Of Connecting

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The Art of Connecting
By: Roy Crowne and Bill Muir
with Angela Little
ISBN 1860242952

Scared of the 'E' Word

Evangelism! If this is giving you thrills when you just hear the word you better read this book! This book is not even about evangelism. Oh, well, actually it is. But in a different way.


To tell a story is really an art in connecting with people. Jesus told parables and people where hanging on to every word. When we meet people they have a story of their own, which is worth to listen to. And than of course, we have our own story. How did we get to know God? What did He do to me when I realised He is there?

3 At the Same Time

This is a great book from Youth for Christ. It is easy to read and very practical. To learn to do evangelism is very simple. Listen to others stories, tell your own and let God tell His at the same time.