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Making Effective Use of the Telephone

  1. If you have a fear or dislike of the telephone (many people do) then talk it through and get over it!!! It is very important that you use this useful tool.
  2. Make lots of phone calls - they are really quite cheap and it is often better to speak to people in person than to send an email or letter. If in doubt call. Difficult things are often said better on a telephone than in an email (if not possible face to face)
  3. Plan what you are going to say before you say it. Jot a few notes down on paper as an aide memoire when speaking.
  4. Always leave a voice mail message if you need to. Don't be afraid of an answerphone. See point 1 (applying point 3 above really helps!)
  5. Try not to delegate a non-native language speaker to write down telephone messages from answerphones. This is almost impossible for someone without a native grasp of a language to do.
  6. Take messages clearly. Remember name of caller, telephone number, date and time of call. If you have a message book write it in. If not prefer email over a scrap of paper. Email's do not blow away or get lost in the clutter of someone's desk. Always make a note of a message. Don't forget to pass on telephone messages; people will judge your YWAM centre on this matter of efficiency.
  7. Respond to people quickly. Always reply within 24 hours if possible.

Making Cheap Phone Calls

  • Skype First stop for cheap calls. It works computer-to-computer (free) or computer to land line/mobile (cheap local call price?).
  • Telediscount this works calling from the UK to anywhere in the world. There must be similar things in other countries.
  • voipbuster Perhaps the cheapest phone calling.
  • Phone Cards. Most countries sell them. Companies buy bulk rates from one nation to another nation. If you are on outreach and want to stay in contact with home then this is the way to do it! It will save a lot compared to other methods but works best from one specific country to another. You have to shop around to get the right card for you. Doesn't work with Mobile phones in general.
  • There are lots of budget phone companies - make sure you are using one!