Team Leadership

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Things We Know About Teams

Teams Need Good Leaders

Teams Are Biblical

  • Relational
  • the Jesus model
  • god head
  • society

Teams Are the YWAM Way

  • what we are good at
  • the way we choose to work

Teams Make Good Sense

  • Synergy
  • good for training others
  • we need each other to do hard tasks - supportive


Teams go through phases. Good leaders recognise this and help the team to progress and don't panic!

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

a couple of other phases:

  • Reforming
  • Adjourning

Good Teams

Good teams have:

  1. Consultative Leadership
  2. Good team cohesion (enjoy being together outside of the work world)

Hearing God's Voice in Teams

  • Listening
  • Brainstorming

Roles in Teams

  • How to find your place in a team
  • Developer, plant etc.
  • Belbin's Handy test to find role

Briefing and Debriefing

  • This is a good thing to do...
  • Resource people...

Solving Relational Team Problems

Creating Openness and Honesty in a Team

  • creating trust
  • levels of relationships (Cliche, Fact, Opinion Feelings, Total intimacy progressing)
  • Truth telling or how to lance a boil

Transforming a Team From Dysfunctional to Functional

  • tough
  • clear message coming in
  • Expressing forgiveness towards the other Colossians 3:13


  • Team building resources and exercises
  • The One minute Manager builds High performance teams ISBN 0007105800
  • Belbin's Handy test to find role