Target 2000 Goals

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YWAM's Target 2000 Goals

Objective: To complete our part of the Great Commission by targeting, engaging and pioneering in least evangelised nations, world-class cities and unreached people groups and megapeoples in order to raise up or facilitate ministries and/or indigenous multiplying churches equipped to evangelise within and out from their nation, city or people.


  • Engage and/or pioneer the over 450 world-class cities by 2000 AD. (With a special emphasis on the 109 least evangelised cities.
  • Engage and/or pioneer by the year 2000 all nations where there is currently no YWAM presence. (With a special Emphasis on the 40 least evangelised nations.)
  • Engage and/or pioneer 150 unevangelised megapeoples by 2000 AD as well as other unreached peoples.

These goals were set in 1988 as our TARGET 2000 goals. They were to crystallise our mission's commitment to re-focus on the world's unreached peoples. Those leaders present laid our objectives and plans centred around four stages of missions activity: Targeting, Engaging, Pioneering, and Multiplying for the spread of the Gospel to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Tribals, and Chinese unreached people groups.