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Titus Project is a 3-month program that equips SBS (School of Biblical Studies) graduates with teaching skills and mobilizes them onto the field where they gain practical experience, receiving feedback from staff and team members to help grow in effective communication. Please see TitusProject.com for more details and to find a training program near you.

Training Program Overview

The Titus Project Training Program is a 12 week ministry experience. The first 3 weeks is a focused training time where participants learn the basics of teaching and preaching followed by 9 weeks of outreach with a few days of debriefing at the end.

Purpose and History

An interview with Amy Stevens about how Titus Project started.

Training Time

Training Time topics include:

  • The Heart of a Bible Teacher
  • Preparing and Presenting a Teaching
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Learning Styles
  • Preaching* Bible Overview
  • Reaching Oral Communicators
  • Teaching through a translator
  • Team Dynamics and Ministering Cross-Culturally


The goal of outreach is to pass on the tools of Inductive Bible Study to pastors and church leaders so that they will be better equipped to teach and train their people in the Word of God. Teams usually teach Inductive Bible Study seminars through small books, Bible Overview, various requested books/topics based on needs of audience, and often get requests for teaching Effective Communication.

Outreach locations are selected prayerfully on the basis of need, relationship and potential for growth. We try to work repeatedly with the same people/locations in order to have a long-term impact.


During debriefing, teams have a chance to share about their experience, assess their growth, and process as a team and individually the things God did during this time.



As well, there are a number of books required reading. These usually include:

"The Seven Laws of the Learner" (Wilkinson)
"How To Read the Bible For All Its Worth" (Fee, Stuart)
"Discipling Nations" (Miller)
"Foreign to Familiar" (Lanier)


Titus Project Youtube Channel for more videos.


On the UofN website:

www.uofn.edu - School of Biblical Studies Field Assignment (Not found as independant school)
www.uofn.edu - School of the Bible Field Assignment (Not found as independant school)

What we have found, Last Updated March 2015:

YWAM Battambang, Cambodia - www.uofnbattambang.com - TITUS
Titus Europe - www.tituseurope.com - TITUS
YWAM Muizenberg, Capetown, South Africa - www.ywammuizenberg.org - TITUS
YWAM Taipei, Taiwan - www.ywamtapei.com - TITUS
YWAM Lakeside, Montana, USA - www.ywammontana.org - TITUS