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I got this email today:

Well done Kevin on the Knowledge Base, it's great.

I've been asked by the YWAM ........ base leader to help them setup and use more professional and official documents. With that in mind I have trawled the web and the various YWAM sites for some document templates, in either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice format. or anything I can use to produce them. I have failed miserably. I can't believe that someone out there hasn't already done so. I did come across the YWAM21 project which sets out the policy for using the YWAM logo, but that's it.

Do you know where I might find some templates?

Kind regards,


My response:

Dear David,

Thanks for the email about the KnowledgeBase!

Document templates: you are right, none exist!

I think this is for a couple of reasons. Mostly because we localise our work and possibly because we don't consider that sharing what we have would benefit another location!

Due to the different cultural values on letter writing etc. there will be different ways of expressing professionalism. For example, here in Brussels we need to write letters in English, French and Dutch. French is far more formal than English and my staff tend to write letters differently.

However for other types of document (internal) there is not much need, although a quick look on the KB will see that every GLT document is different from each other one and there is not consistency, even for numbering and dating policies (which would be nice) and official translations.

For News publications the diversity is even more apparent as it depends on the capabilities of each location or national work!

I am happy to continue chatting about this - perhaps we can come up with some specification of what might benefit from some global style guidance for professionalism. We can host a page on the KB. If you are asking the question more people will.

Interestingly in Belgium I am trying (note the word trying) to get a "style guide" for the whole work here that we can base our designs and templates from.

I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps you could jot down some specifics of what you are looking for and some ideas.

I also attach some templates I use here. I generally insist we use the Gill Sans font family. (And we use OpenOffice internally)



Need for Style Guides.

Wikipedia discusses this:

Style Guides help us derive Document Templates.

(Note YWAMKB is growing one here: Help:Style_Guide)