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"God told us, so we did." Hearing God's Voice is a characteristic of a disciple. But are we really told that planning ahead is evil? God invites us to be a part of his plans.

Spheres of Influence

A strategic way of looking at the world and the way we bring the Kingdom of God to bear is through the Spheres of Influence. They are:

  1. Government
  2. Families
  3. Arts and Entertainment
  4. Science and Technology
  5. Church
  6. Education
  7. Communications
  8. Business

For a good introduction, read Landa Cope's Old Testament Template (book review).

10/40 Window

This is a very simple way of looking at the world and the area of the world of most need for the gospel. It is not very precise but it is helpful because of its general nature and hence use as a tool for Mobilisation. It is also well understood in the church and other missions outside of YWAM.

Project 4K

This is a new way of looking at the world by splitting it in to 4,000+ Omega zones. These zones are matched to the official Geo-political areas and to facilitate easy collection of statistics. It is hoped that this will enable YWAMers to precisely target people groups for outreach and have a knowledge of the practical and spiritual needs there.

People Groups

Based on the notion of "Ethnos", the NT Greek word for people (Preach the good news to all Ethnos) from which we get the term Ethnic group. Therefore the job of Christian evangelism is to reach all Ethno's. 10,000? Ethnics groups. Thousands left to reach... People groups often overflow political boundaries

Concept understood by most other missions and churches.

Adopt-a-people group project


  • Perspectives missions course
  • Perspectives on the world Christian movement