Book: Stop Dating The Church

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Stop Dating The Church
By: Joshua Harris
Author Website and Bio:
ISBN 1590523652

Many young people and adults as well are having trouble commiting to a church. Even in YWAM we can see this happen. Young people who get totally excited about worship or evangelism at the base, but are not connected as much to a church.

Joshua Harris hits this right on. Instead of becoming a church hopper or shopper to be commited. Of course this isn't easy. We do have our wishes and preferences. But a group of local Christians will not be able to fulfill them all. Some they might, others not. That's why making a choice is so important. It is like commiting to a lifelong relationship, like a marriage. You get a lot of good, but also a whole lot of difficulties of this commitment. But like they say about being married, the longer the better it becomes.

So do you want to grow? Both in adulthood and in your relationship with Christ. Well, God provided something wonderful: the church. Which is a community that is able to give love and strenghten you. But it will take a lot of investment. Which is actually good. Stop dating, but take the next step: commit.