Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

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Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

On the score sheet provided at the bottom of the page, please score yourself 0 to 3 for each of the 125 questions, indicating to what extent the statement is true in your life.

much 3
some 2
little 1
not at all 0


  1. I have spoken God's truth in a way that upset the traditions of people.
  2. I would enjoy carrying responsibility for the spiritual well-being of a group of Christians.
  3. I could effectively teach Biblical truths to young Christians.
  4. When making decisions I usually carefully examine the various alternatives and options involved before deciding.
  5. When counselling people, God has revealed to me the root cause of their problems.
  6. I have verbally encouraged the wavering, the troubled or the discouraged.
  7. I can clearly perceive the difference between truth and error.
  8. I desire to manage money well in order to give liberally to the Lord's work.
  9. I have assisted leaders to relieve them for their essential jobs.
  10. I have a desire to work with those who have physical or mental problems, to alleviate their suffering.
  11. I have adapted easily in a culture different from mine.
  12. I have led others to a decision for salvation through faith in Christ.
  13. I am able to be friendly and offer a warm welcome to new people who come to my church or community.
  14. God has given me faith to cast out demons in the name of Jesus.
  15. I would enjoy carrying the responsibility of leading a group of people to achieve God's purposes.
  16. I would like to work with a visionary leader to help him develop a plan of action that would achieve the ideas God has given him for his group.
  17. In the name of the Lord I have been used to miraculously change circumstances and He was glorified.
  18. When I have laid hands on sick people in Jesus' name, their pain has been relieved and they have gradually recovered.
  19. I regularly speak in tongues.
  20. When I have interpreted tongues it has seemed to encourage people to worship God.
  21. I have felt a sense of authority when relating to other Christians.
  22. I have been used to communicate to others messages from God which have been timely and encouraging.
  23. I have had a sense for recognising prayer needs before others.
  24. God gives me lyrics and melodies which express spiritual truths in ways that help people to worship God.
  25. I would enjoy being called upon to do special jobs around the church.
  26. When problems are needing to be resolved I tend to see the issues in terms of black or white and right or wrong.
  27. I have enjoyed relating to the same group of people over a long period of time, in their successes and failures.
  28. I feel I can clearly explain teaching about how a Christian can grow spiritually.
  29. I have intuitively arrived at solutions to complicated problems.
  30. The Spirit of God has shown me that there have been people with specific problems present in meetings I have attended.
  31. I feel I could be an instrument for stirring the complacent and encouraging the wayward to face spiritual reality.
  32. I have judged well between what is poor and good (or evil and good).
  33. I have given things or money cheerfully for the Lord's work.
  34. I have sensed the need to help other people become more effective in their ministries.
  35. I have felt an unusual compassion for those with physical, emotional or spiritual needs.
  36. I feel I could learn another language well in order to minister to those in a different culture.
  37. I have shared joyfully how Christ has brought me to Himself in a way that is meaningful to non-believers.
  38. When people visit me I am able to make them feel relaxed and open to the Lord.
  39. At times God has given me an unusual assurance that He will do the impossible to fulfil a special work.
  40. I have been able to discern what God wanted to do through a group of people.
  41. I can organise ideas, people, resources and time for more effective ministry
  42. I have prayed for people in the name of Jesus and they have been instantly healed.
  43. In Jesus name, I have healed people who have been emotionally hurt.
  44. I have spoken an immediate message of God to His people in a language I have never learned.
  45. I have interpreted tongues with the result that the Body of Christ was edified, exhorted or comforted.
  46. I feel I could proclaim the gospel in a new area and see new groups of Christians formed.
  47. When praying with a group of people I have felt that my prayer contained an inspired word from God for someone.
  48. I take prayer requests more seriously than other Christians seem to.
  49. I find it easy to learn a new song, to remember it and to sing or play it in such a way that other people enjoy it and want to sing it too.
  50. I am able to take care of odd jobs effectively around the church or community.
  51. I have communicated to others timely and urgent messages which I felt came from God.
  52. I tend to know those I serve and guide intimately, and to be known intimately by them.
  53. I devote a lot of time learning new Biblical truths to communicate to others.
  54. I have received inspired wisdom from God showing what should be done when a group of us have been trying to resolve a difficult situation.
  55. When praying for sick people God has shown me the reasons why they were not being healed.
  56. When I preach, people are encouraged and inspired to trust in God.
  57. I have discerned when people have been oppressed by demons.
  58. I feel deeply challenged when confronted with urgent financial needs in God's work.
  59. I have enjoyed doing routine tasks that released others to be able to exercise effective ministry.
  60. I would enjoy visiting people in hospitals and/or retirement homes and would do fine in such a ministry.
  61. I am able to relate to people of a different race, language or culture.
  62. I have explained clearly that Jesus is the saviour and have seen positive effect on the listeners.
  63. I have a knack for making strangers feel at home.
  64. When in testing situations God has given me a special input of faith which has helped me overcome difficult circumstances.
  65. I have been able to discern when to delegate responsibility and whom to delegate it to.
  66. I have been able to make effective and efficient plans for accomplishing the goals of a group.
  67. God has intervened to do impossible things through my life.
  68. In the name of the Lord I have successfully prayed for sick people.
  69. I have been stirred by the Spirit to speak in tongues publicly in a worship meeting.
  70. I have prayed that I may interpret when someone has spoken in tongues.
  71. Other Christians have been willing to do what I say with out asking many questions.
  72. In meetings with other Christians I have spoken out a message direct from God that encouraged and comforted people.
  73. I spend more time praying for other people's needs rather than my own.
  74. I am able to play a musical instrument or sing with sufficient skill and anointing that people are turned to the Lord by it.
  75. I feel satisfaction in performing routine tasks for God's glory.
  76. If there are people within a group who are compromising with sin, I am usually one of the first to discern it.
  77. I have helped needy Christians by guiding them to relevant portions of the Bible and praying for them.
  78. I feel I could communicate biblical truths to others and see resulting changes in knowledge, attitudes, values and conduct.
  79. I have been able to perceive and apply biblical truth to the specific needs of the Body of Christ.
  80. God has shown me the events that have caused emotional hurts to people.
  81. I have inspired people to launch out in faith in service for the Lord.
  82. I have accurately recognised whether a message is from God, from Satan or of human origin.
  83. I am so confident that God will meet my needs that I give finances to His work sacrificially and consistently.
  84. I am happy when others get credit for what I do.
  85. I am able to identify with and help people who have been hurt by family break-ups, etc.
  86. I feel I could enjoy living in a foreign country.
  87. I have a desire to speak messages primarily of the gospel of salvation.
  88. I have a genuine graciousness toward and appreciation for the guests who come to my home or community.
  89. I have felt I knew God's specific will for the future growth of His work, even when others have been not so sure.
  90. I have a desire to lead other people so that they will be able to exercise their spiritual gifts and achieve God's purposes.
  91. When a leader shares his vision for what God wants to do through the group or church to which I belong, I immediately start thinking of all the things that need to be done in order to achieve the vision.
  92. I've been an instrument for God's supernatural change in lives & events.
  93. I have prayed for others so that healing occurred.
  94. When I speak in tongues publicly I have confidence it will be interpreted.
  95. I have interpreted tongues in a way that seemed to bless others.
  96. I have a desire to be sent out by a church to start new churches.
  97. I have spoken a message from God to people that urged them to trust or obey Him in some specific way.
  98. God has consistently answered my prayers in tangible ways.
  99. I am able to lead a group of Christians to worship God.
  100. I am able to identify what needs to be done around the church or community and volunteer to help.
  101. I have given messages of warning, judgement or direction from the Lord.
  102. I feel I can restore people who have wandered away from their faith.
  103. I have trained people to be more obedient disciples of Christ.
  104. When people have been in conflict with each other, God has given me solutions which have resolved the conflicts.
  105. I have experienced an instant understanding of facts concerning people, which I did not learn by natural means.
  106. I have comforted Christians in their difficulties in such a way that they felt helped or healed.
  107. I can usually see through a person who is not genuine, before his deception is clearly evident to most people.
  108. I have been willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to benefit God's work.
  109. I like arranging situations so that other people can exercise their ministries more easily.
  110. I would enjoy offering cheerful conversation to a lonely, shut-in person or someone in prison.
  111. More than most, I have a strong desire to see peoples of other cultures won to the Lord.
  112. I have a burden to seek out unbelievers in order to win them to Christ, and to see them established in His church.
  113. I desire to provide a place for those in the Lord's service where they can relax and be refreshed.
  114. When I have been with people in difficult situations my faith has released God's power to change their circumstances.
  115. I am able to co-ordinate the activities of a group of people so that their different giftings complement each other and they function as a unified team.
  116. I have enjoyed bearing the responsibility for organising the plans of a group or organisation in order to make it more successful and efficient.
  117. In the name of the lord, I have been able to recover sight to the blind.
  118. I have prayed successfully for others for restoration of health apart from natural means.
  119. I have spoken in tongues in a meeting and when it was interpreted, it has inspired people to worship God.
  120. I have interpreted tongues in such a way that the message appeared to be directly from God.
  121. I have received a commission from Christians to exercise God-given authority among believers and unbelievers.
  122. During moments of quietness in meetings, I have had words come to my mind that have come from God to encourage or comfort people.
  123. I desire to faithfully pray for others in ministry, since I recognise that their effectiveness depends upon it.
  124. When I sing or play a musical instrument publicly other people feel the presence of God.
  125. I seem to be able to quickly discern the practical things that need to be done and to get on with doing them.

Answer Paper Guidance and Application

  • Total your scores horizontally on the score sheet.
  • Tick the highest three scores; these are your primary gifts.
  • Mark the next three highest with an 'x' -- these are your secondary gifts.
  • Identify your gifts in the following three areas:
    • you desire to move in this gift but have not yet begun;
    • you are already functioning in this gift and have seen fruit;
    • others have seen you operating in the gift and have affirmed you in it.
  • Ask a friend (or a small group) who knows you well whether they think the gifts indicated are what they have seen in you.
  • Discuss with your friend or small group how both your primary and secondary gifts could be best used in the context of your church or mission.

Answer Paper

It is probably a good idea to cover the last column that lists the gifts. That way you won't be affected by it when you put down your answers.

Totals Six


1           26          51           76           101           Prophet
2 27 52 77 102 Pastor
3 28 53 78 103 Teaching
4 29 54 79 104 W-Wisdom
5 30 55 80 105 W-Knowledge
6 31 56 81 106 Exhortation
7 32 57 82 107 Discerning
8 33 58 83 108 Giving
9 34 59 84 109 Helps
10 35 60 85 110 Mercy
11 36 61 86 111 Missionary
12 37 62 87 112 Evangelist
13 38 63 88 113 Hospitality
14 39 64 89 114 Faith
15 40 65 90 115 Leadership
16 41 66 91 116 Administration
17 42 67 92 117 Miracles
18 43 68 93 118 Healing
19 44 69 94 119 Tongues
20 45 70 95 120 Interpretation
21 46 71 96 121 Apostle
22 47 72 97 122 Prophecy
23 48 73 98 123 Intercession
24 49 74 99 124 Music
25 50 75 100 125 Serving


The list of 'gifts' in the test above doesn't really include some of the gifts/qualities/skills and roles that are actuallyneeded to function well in an urban or evangelism team. This limits its usefulness in helping team members find their place. However, it is a brilliant conversation starter that can lead to a more open discussion about the roles that are needed on the team.