Small Group Activities

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  • Prayer for relatives.
  • Bring family photos.
  • Eat together.
  • Two games: Ungame and Reunion.
  • Invite another group for social activity.
  • Praise time.
  • Hot seat---in response to need.
    • for their DTS expectations.
    • for words of knowledge and prophecy.
  • How to promote discussion
    • always have notes present.
    • during break go through question sheet and ask one or two.
    • ask specific questions.
    • guide it. Don't let it run itself.
    • enlist their help.
    • know where you are going.
    • write questions down during the lecture.
    • make notes during the lecture.
    • questions need to be wide to stimulate; find needs etc.
    • ask: "What do you expect from the DTS?" "Do you have any questions?"
    • Don't have to answer all questions."What does the Bible say?"
    • Be relaxed to reduce tension, anxiety.
    • get all to share.
    • use humour and your own character.
    • don't over press introverts, start with extroverts. Could ask more impersonal questions to start.
    • don't ask questions that require Yes/No answers.
    • ask them how they feel about sharing their needs.
  • Skit night---do something together as a group.
  • Meet outside and go for a walk.
  • Ask yourself questions: "How can I get the members of the group to think of the others?"---play angels and mortals.
  • Role play.