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(This page at the request of a certain Emma!)

We hear a lot of wonderful exciting and amazing stories that often leave us exhilarated at the possibilities open up to us. However as people, and in leadership too, we often are only too aware of our mistakes, failures and shortcomings. Failure is an option, one of the best options if you are seriously interested in learning from every experience.

Consider Edison's penultimate lightbulb: it is said that Edison constructed 3,000 methods for producing a good filament for his lightbulb, and only a few of these worked until he found the ideal solution. He could have easily given up at 2,000 experiments!

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. -- Edison c. 1903

So please feel free to share stories here, where you learned significant things from the mistakes you made!

Some stories we would like

  • The Holmsted Lettuce Fiasco