Book: Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is)

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Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is)
(former title "Not Even A Hint")
By: Joshua Harris
Author Website and Bio:
ISBN 1590525191

Some subjects are best to be avoided. Like masturbation for example. Or porn. Well, in a way we would love to avoid these. But the reality is that a lot men and women have issues with it. But to just avoid, isn't that easy. Another problem is that we avoid talking about them. Shame and guild keeps these sins hidden from exposure and possible healing.

Well, this book from Joshua Harris is an opening to start this conversation and to get on the path of healing. Avoiding won't help, unless a way is found to share and find healing with God. Joshua is really open about his own struggles. Listen to what he himself has to say:

Teaching on Lust at

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