Self-Revelation Questions

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How can we help our staff to keep on going over the years? One idea is to encourage them to meet in a small group to pray for one another. It may be that they might want to look at this Menu of Self Revelation Questions to see if they want people to ask them regularly about different areas. I don't believe in 'inquisition groups' where members ask intrusive questions all the time, but rather each person invites questions in areas they know are a challenge to them. This promotes responsibility rather than passivity.

My rally cry is, "Next year they will be in Kazakhstan without us", so we better prepare them to look after themselves and not be dependent upon me/us!

Some useful principles for meeting together:

  1. Regularity.
  2. Clarity.
  3. Openness.
  4. Confidentiality.
  5. Humility.
  6. Prayer.

As a help for rendering an accountability relationship a beneficial experience, a few areas are suggested for consideration.

The Word

  1. Regular reading, meditation, prayer.
  2. New revelation.
  3. Particular challenges.
  4. Special personal promises.
  5. Prompt obedience.


  1. Responsible use of time.
  2. Physically fit.
  3. Sound private and ministry finances.
  4. Sharpening of God-given gifts.
  5. Fulfilling personal and family priorities.


  1. Understanding God's principles for work.
  2. Global picture of God's plan for your 'sphere'.
  3. Teamed up with right others --- networking.
  4. Intercession for change.
  5. Hearing from God about strategy and tactics.
  6. Righteousness, justice, excellence.


  1. Integrity.
  2. Improving social skills
  3. Deep friendships.
  4. Damaged of broken relationships.
  5. Closer relationship with non-Christians.

Community/Church Life

  1. Praying regularly for the community.
  2. Faithful attendance of events.
  3. Reaching out with compassion.
  4. Recreational fellowship with others.
  5. Things to be made right with anyone.


  1. Am I complete in my self.
  2. How do I cope with stress, anger, loneliness, disappointments, disillusionments, emotional pain, in regard to being placed emotionally upright again.
  3. Is Jesus the centre of my doing and being --- do I go to God or people first?
  4. Do I need the nurturing of others for personal security/identity.

Intellectual Development

  1. In need of intellectual stimulation.
  2. What reading material.
  3. Learning beyond sphere of personal expertise.
  4. Following significant political, social etc developments.

Thought Life

  1. Insecurity.
  2. Pride.
  3. Envy.
  4. Anger.
  5. Unclean thoughts.
  6. Renewing your mind?


  1. Conscious of weaknesses.
  2. Attacked by the enemy.
  3. Tempted.
  4. Convicted of sin.
  5. Defeated or victorious.


  1. Am I content in my married/unmarried state.
  2. Am I satisfied the Lord created me a man/woman.
  3. Am I comfortable in the presence of the opposite sex.
  4. Do I have judgements of those that are homosexual, judgements that cause an emotional response in me.
  5. Am I engaged in any secret or unclean practice.

For Those Fulfilling Leadership Roles

  1. Passion for the things of God.
  2. Modelling godliness.
  3. Practising biblical servanthood.
  4. Engaged in doubtful actions.
  5. Abuse of authority.
  6. Submission to others.


  1. Consistent habits.
  2. Waiting on God.
  3. Regularly interceding for others.
  4. Experiencing encouraging answers to prayer.
  5. Specific prayer needs --- pressure, fear, sickness, financial situation, family issues, ministry concerns.

Compiled by Gunter Krallman. Sections on Dependence and sexuality were contributed by Charlotte Cass, July 1997. Section on work by AN Other.