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Here are some Sample Communication strategies to inspire you. In some cases they are combined with ministry fundraising as the two strategies are usually intertwined.

Sample Communication Strategy (From YWAM Brussels)

This strategy is from 2007 and for the next 3-5 years. It will be reviewed yearly.

Internationally to YWAM

  • International Go Manual Survey (September)
  • Languages: English and French
  • Promote International YWAMer Magazine
  • Purchase the Go Manual (and post occaissional adverts)
  • Get staff to Research and present some aspect of YWAM International in a staff meeting slot (5 mins)
  • Global Perspectives (not currently running)

Internally on Base and Between Belgium Bases

  • Languages: English and French
  • All staff assigned an email address
  • A Notice board with lots of rotas and relevant information
  • "Le Monde" - monthly news and prayer from each staff member for each staff member. Circulated by email and printed copy on notice board
  • Staff meeting - verbal notices
  • Email or written notices to back up verbal notices
  • Leadership team Agenda and Minutes circulated to all
  • Other items of interest circulated by email as it happens

Locally (Brussels)

  • Languages: English and French and Dutch
  • Actively seek new people to communicate to and to add to mailing list. We are looking for local people and people not already on staff members personal mailing lists, although people may wish that!
    • Mailing lists:
    1. Pastors (including English speaking pastors fraternal)
    2. Base Mailing list
    3. Ministries own mailing lists (may be some overlap here)
  • Monthly Newsletter - via email only
  • Website with videos and articles and copies of Newsletter (Initial 500 €, 120 € Annual cost)
  • Open Day (400 €)
  • Annual report (1000 €)- this will be glossy and reasonably long and detailed. We will post this to all supporters who request it.

This strategy aims to:

  1. inform our supporters
  2. receive prayer from our supporters
  3. mobilise our supporters (short term trips, DTS etc)
  4. ask for financial donations from our supporters


  • The Fundraising strategy continues from the Communications strategy
  • Languages: French, English and Dutch
  • Actively seek financial partnership with supporters
  • Actively request regular monthly support in the order of 25 €
  • Our target will be to raise 2000 € per month by June 2008
  • We will be seeking support for the general funding of the ministry, office space etc. We will be explaining that currently staff rents and fees are going into the funding of the ministry, not the refurbishment of the building. We need to refurbish the building for the next 20 years.
  • All newsletters with have bank details on them and we will give out transfer forms as appropriate
  • The Annual Report will have clear information on the growth of ministries, financial status and future plans
  • Hospitality guests will be invited to subscribe to the newsletter and make regular or one off donations
  • A Flyer/Postcard will be produced that will explain the campaign and point to the website (120 €)
  • Our Website will explain the fundraising in more detail.
  • A Grid button like below will be used as a visual indication for people of their part on the plan (on website and emails)
  • We will seek more Donors at the Open Day