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School of Evangelism

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School of Evangelism

Here you can find the SOE locations from all around the world.

On the UofN website: - School of Evangelism

What we have found, also through other sources, Last Updated February 2015:


Location E-mail Website
SOEP in Kampala, Uganda SOEP Kampala
SOE in Kumasi, Ghana SOE Kumasi
EDE (SOE in French) in Bamako, Mali EDE Mali


Location E-mail Website
SOE in Kochi, India No E-mail SOE Kochi (outdated)
SOEP in Lucknow, India SOEP Lucknow
SOEP in Madras, India No E-mail SOEP Madras
SOE in the Philippines SOE Philippines - SOE Philippines


Location E-mail Website
SOE in Carlisle, England SOE Carlisle
SOE in Harpenden, England SOE Harpenden
SOE in Heidebeek, Netherlands Contact through website SOE Heidebeek
SOE in Skien, Norway SOE Skien


Location E-mail Website
ETS in Perth, Australia Contact through website ETS Perth

North America

Location E-mail Website
SOE in Orlando, Florida, USA SOE Orlando
SOE in Grayson, Georgia, USA SOE Atlanta
SOE in Tyler, Texas, USA SOE Tyler
CSOE in Tyler, Texas, USA CSOE Tyler

South America

Not found