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Christian Ministries Faculty

The School Of Evangelism (SOE) is the first school YWAM ever started! The School of Evangelism and Pioneering (SOEP) and Evangelism Training School are also linked to this page. It is not confirmed that these are the same or closely connected.


Most of the teaching will be about evangelism, or be closely related to it. Some of the subjects covered in the school: Biblical Worldview, Church Planting, The Gospel and of course Evangelism.

The lecture phase 3 to 4 months long (depends on the holidays).

Compared to the DTS: Because the SOE is a secondary school, the students are expected to make more independent choices. They will even be regarded as staff and as role-models, examples, for the DTS students.


SOE Curriculum

Outreach, Practical Phase

After the lecture phase comes the practical part, that will last 2-3 months. We send them off to locations where there is a need for pioneering work. For example: A church plant, setting up a ministry with students, the start of an E-team, etc.

Compared to the DTS: On outreach the students are largely self-directed.

The staff, while available by email/phone/skype, don't go on the outreach, SOE students run their outreach with guidance from SOE staff.

The Purpose and Vision

We see a big need in the world for evangelism! Especially in the countries where it`s a lot tougher, and Europe is one of those places! Secondly, we want to see more missionaries released into their giftings. A lot of DTS-students leave YWAM after they've finished their school. We would love to see them released and fully equipped for a ministry, something that`s on their heart! Thirdly, God gave us a vision: "Seeing a 1000 teams and schools planted around Europe". This is why we are doing SOE's and this is why we would love you to join!!

After the SOE

After the SOE what might be the next step?

The E-Teams

After the SOE, students can join an E-Team; Evangelism Team.

Follow the link to the bigger article about: E-Teams.

The teams are focused on doing pioneering work which involves a lot of evangelism.
To reach out to all kinds of people in a city or in a community.
Churches, Church plants, YWAM bases, Universities/Schools, Youth Cafés, etc.

The Church

The Bride of Christ: Ephesians 5:25-26


We really would like to work close with local churches. This means both for the school as the E-Teams. First of all we want to bring vision back to the church. Lots of churches just exist, lots of them are loosing members and there are even churches that close down. What these churches need is to open their eyes, look up and follow Christ again!


People can just go to church. You can even go there and not believe, and go there for years. And even if you do believe, you rather spend your time in the save environment of the church and it's community. But what is evangelism!? Must be the most scary thing! Well, it's not. Christians in church need to hear the Gospel again! What is the Good News Jesus talked about!?


The church is a place for community. People share their lives together and their faith. In order to build the church, this community needs to be well connected with area in which they are. To grow sharing their lives and faith with their close neighbours is what will bless the town or city.


What if there is no church or non of the existing ones want to work with YWAM. Well, you can also start from scratch. Start a little community, invite people to come for free meals, talk about your faith and gather as much people as you can! And of course make it a church that is relevant to this specific group of people! Link: Church Planting

The Xtra Point

A last point, might be important...

The Evangelism Box

"No, not evangelism, not for me!!" Is this your first reaction to the word "evangelism"!? Does it give you shivers just seeing this word!? Well actually evangelism is a lot of fun, with lots of freedom!


A box... Well, you know! You take a box, not cardboard, a wooden one will do. Go outside. Yes, go outside! Look where people are! Go there! Put the box down. What do you do next? Step on the box and preach the Gospel! Probably you will annoy some people, many will run quickly past your box and some may discuss with you. In the end the police we come and put you in jail! Happy End!


Wasn't that fun? Okay, maybe not. You can also do it different. So why not take the same box again! Yeah, you keep the freaking box! Go now! Back to that street you just were. Yeah, put in down! Yes, same spot! No!! Don't stand on it! Sit down my friend! Okay, now you just sit down and look! Look at the people! You see them!? That's the people God loves! You want to do some evangelism, right?!? Well, smile at them, wave.. See if there is anyone who want to talk with you.


Welcome to the School of Evangelism! Nothing is normal here! We want you to become an adult, grown up in Christ! Which means standing on your own feet! Doing evangelism is what will let you grow very fast! Now you really will learn who Jesus is for you! Don't be afraid, you might become disappointed sometimes, but it is not a failure. Just another lesson. The best thing is: You learn to love Jesus more every time you do it!!

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