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Christian Ministries

The School of Frontier Media (SFM) is part of the Christian Ministries Faculty and Communication Faculty. It has a six month long training program focused on helping students to grow in their skills in media and discover how those skills can be used to advance the Great Commission, particularly amongst unreached people groups.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all nations, peoples and languages. Yet many people groups have had little or no opportunity to encounter the message of Jesus in a way that they can understand. Nearly one third of the world is hidden from the Gospel because of linguistic, cultural and social barriers. The aim of the School of Frontier Media is to prepare students to produce high quality media tools that can be used to bridge these barriers, and to equip them to serve God in this area of passion.


12 weeks of lectures and workshops are conducted by cross-cultural communication specialists and media professionals working in their field of expertise. Topics include video production & editing, photography, cross-cultural communication, cultural research, graphic design, scriptwriting, and strategic thinking when it comes to the use of media. The training emphasizes a hands-on approach, seeking to help students develop their own approach the media, as well as to understand the important communication and cultural principles that are involved.


Following the lecture phase, students participate in a 12 week outreach where they will be involved in producing one or more media resources for an unreached people group. These productions are primarily done in partnership with Create International and have included dramatic films, documentary films, music videos, photographs, contextualized artwork, websites, and other resources for evangelism, discipleship, and missions mobilization.


The School of Frontier Media was pioneered in YWAM Perth, Australia in 1997 and has continued to run since. It has also been run in Create Thailand in Chiang Mai and Create India in Jaipur as well.

Nations that the SFM outreaches have focused on have included Bangladesh, Indonesia, Senegal, China, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and more.

University of the Nations

The SFM and its Field Assignment are a registered courses with both the College of Communications and the College of Christian Ministries. Each is worth 12 credits towards degree programs for either college.

SFM Locations

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