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The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a nine month school in which students study all 66 books of the Bible. The school uses the method of Inductive Bible Study which helps the student to study the Bible by themselves and also makes them able to pass it on to others.

Personalized Teaching

The first weeks are focused on learning the basics. With the help of the staff the students learn to use and understand the inductive method of Bible study. This will take some time, but once that is established it becomes second nature to the students.

Although the staff will be available throughout the school the students will be working through the books themselves, which in some way is unique to every student. The basics are the same for everyone. Every student will read the book and find the big picture, while also digging deeper into the text. Unfortunately there is a limit in how thoroughly the scriptures can be studied in such a short time. That is why the students are reminded that they have the rest of their lives to keep on studying. This is just the first taste of a long journey.

Emphasis is specifically placed on context. That is why the big picture is so important. Reading the Bible and the individual books in context means to read the book as a whole (in one reading), looking at the culture and historical background of the author, the original readers and the people who were the original hearers in the stories. Through this the students can make good observations which they will develope into timeless truths and are made into personal applications.

Every week is different. In the first months more hours will be spend in class to learn the method and to work on the smaller books. Later big books will require more work for the students, which is mostly done individually. Staff will always be available to help the students with understanding the scriptures, applying it for themselves and also to walk with them in their personal growth.


Our goals are to train Christians in the Word of God and to be a multiplier for missions following Paul's mandate:

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." 2 Timothy 2:2

  • To know God's Word for oneself
  • To give God's Word to others


The SBS is offered in a series of three-month phases:

School of Biblical Studies I:

The first phase of the SBS begins with a three-week seminar teaching the principles of the inductive Bible study. Books studied are the Synoptic Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline Epistles and the book of Hebrews.

School of Biblical Studies II:

In the second phase, students complete the New Testament books, and after an introductory seminar to the Old Testament, study from Genesis through Samuel.

School of Biblical Studies III:

The third phase completes the study of the Old Testament's historical books, the Prophets and Wisdom Literature. A seminar precedes both the Prophets and Wisdom Literature, giving the students the skills necessary to study these parts of the Bible.


School of Biblical Studies Field Assignment: Titus Project

The final phase of SBS offers the students an opportunity to pass on Bible Study tools to others. A three to eight week outreach follows one to two weeks of training after the lecture phase. One program designed specifically for this is the Titus project Training Program held on nearly every continent annually.

The SBS outreach or Titus Project is focused on giving out the Word to developing nations. It will give the student experience in missions and in how to give God's Word to others.

After SBS

Go for the Titus project to teach what you learned and make everyone excited about reading the Bible.


Below are resources which are used by both students and staff of the SBS.


SBS International -
Titus Project -

For SBS students

Students are specifically using these resources during the school to work on the different books on the Bible. Which is specifically important for the historical context.

Study Books SBS Students
The Bible

For SBS staff

Staff are using these resources to prepare themselves for teaching a Bible book.

Study Books SBS Staff
The Bible


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