Book: Roaring Lambs

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Roaring Lambs
By: Bob Briner
Bio: Bio
Website: Roaring Lambs
ISBN 0310591104

What is a Roaring Lamb?

Well, just what it says.. a nice cute little lamb that roars like a lion. Okay, this is only a picture for what a Christian should look like. Every Christian is called to serve God and open their mouths!!


This book opened my eyes that in all of us there is that itchy feeling. We are no meek little lambs. We've got a voice in us that is able to reach far into all of the world.


We don't have to become missionaries or pastors to serve Him to the fullest as Christians. Every job gives us the potential to make that incredible impact. Music, Art, Sports, etc.

Test Yourself

Do the voice test now: Ba-a-a-a-a-a