Responsibility of BLS Leader

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Basic Leadership School

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Basic Leadership School

The BLS leader is to oversee the entire DTS/BLS process. I think this person is likely to be the training director of the base however the very best person to run the BLS is the DTS leader. It is too easy to allow a gap between what is going on in the DTS and what is going on in the BLS. Since the BLS equips to lead a brilliant DTS, the training must be immediate, relevant, reactive and proactive and cannot easily be led by someone not immersed in the daily round of the DTS. The role of the training leader may then be to support the DTS leader as they lead the BLS, delegating more and more during the school as they are able to bear it.

Their role will include making certain the following responsibilities are carried out. Either they will do them or make certain some other appropriate person does them.

  • Recruitment of BLS students
  • Preparation for their arrival
  • Organisation of one week orientation and training prior to the commencement of the DTS
  • Placement of the BLS students in pairs
  • Developing, caring for, discipling, supporting and overseeing the BLS students
  • Arrangement of the teaching, group discussion and prayer programme of the BLS
  • Continuous evaluation and assessment of the BLS students
  • Make sure the '3-interviews' take place to help students consider the possibility that God might want them to remain somewhere in YWAM or missions for a bit longer.
  • Oversight of the preparation and commissioning of outreach teams
  • Support and oversight of the DTS leader (when not the DTS leader!)
  • Guidance of BLS students in preparing for their own future role