Book: Reaching 4 Europes

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Reaching 4 Europes
By: Stephen McQuoid
ISBN 0955305101

What About Europe?

Europe is a Christian continent, true or false? You can see churches every where on this continent. Christianity shaped the past. It also shapes the present, right? Yeah, it does, but it is shaped by more than that.

4 Europes

This book tells about 4 different groups of Europeans. Religious, Enlightened, Emergent and New Europeans. All these groups make the mix of what is Europe today.

Evangelisation in Europe

Is Europe a Christian continent? Not if Christians stay inside the safe walls of their churches. Today Europe has the toughest ground to sow seeds for evangelisation. And it is true. Time to make a change and live it out. God gives us lots of opportunities and it is all just around the corner of where we live.