Qualities a Team Leader should exhibit

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Some Expectations of Team Leaders in YWAM

Biblical Qualities


  • People who are teachable and seek to learn and improve each and every day from many sources they find
  • People who are committed to prayer as foundational to what we do both individually and corporately
  • People who are committed to the whole and serve the whole and not just their own specific ministry
  • People who put people above tasks
  • People who seek to discover their significance in who they are in God and not what they can do for God
  • People who are able to choose humility and demonstrate the ability to submit their ideas to higher leadership
  • People who pursue God himself and the vision God gives them with faith, joy, initiative and tenacity
  • People of great integrity, who act with truthfulness and transparency


  • People who care passionately for the people of the world, the people in their immediate location, and apply missionary principles such as language learning and cultural sensitivity
  • People who exhibit a growing understanding and modelling of the YWAM core values as a lifestyle choice


  • People who try to model Jesus style leadership (servant hearted; sacrificial; leadership by example; caring and developmental of others)
  • People who can demonstrate good stewardship of people and resources
  • People who are developing the leadership skills they need to do their job in the best way
  • People who are eager to review and assess their progress and help others to do the same
  • People who are ready to take risks themselves and to let others around them take risks


  • People who are able to show a welcome and warmth towards people
  • People who try to love people they don't necessarily like
  • People who are encouraging others

Possible Scale You Might Use as an Aid for Evaluation

1= poor, 5= great

Competency   1     2     3     4     5  
Self Confidence
Personal Effectiveness
Analysis & Judgement
Planning & Organising
Adaptability & Resilience
Opportunity Awareness
Staff Development
People Management