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YWAM has always needed promotional media to represent the mission. In response to several requests over the years for up-to-date, relevant materials, a major undertaking has begun to improve communication within and about our mission. Since 2004 YWAMers involved in communication ministries have met to network and strategize on how to improve communication in and through YWAM. This group, known as CRIT (Communication, Research and Information Technology), continues to help make communication an intrinsic value in the Mission as YWAM continues to grow. Spearheaded by YWAM ICN one of the initiatives of CRIT was to create much-needed pieces to promote and support YWAM.

YWAM Promotional Materials

To accompany the Go Manual and YWAM's international web site the YWAM Promo Materials project plans included:

  • Promo Brochures (six designs released in Jan. '07)
  • A DVD containing multiple videos for different audiences (released in Aug. '07)

Promo Brochures

One single brochure cannot cover all the informational, recruiting and cultural communication needs throughout YWAM. Instead, at least six designs were created, which express YWAM in a variety of formats while simultaneously communicating a unified message. New technologies make it possible to customize brochures by translating them into local languages, adding ministry/location contact information, addressing security issues, etc. to suit various cultural and local needs. YWAM ministries and operating locations can now order generic printed brochures, order a CD of the artwork for local printing, or work with the designers to customize designs for YWAM-specific use.

Promo DVD

The YWAM promotional DVD (2007 release) is intended for multi-national audiences. This DVD includes the following four videos:

We are YWAM - A fast-paced glimpse of YWAM aimed at getting youth involved (3 min.) Get Involved - An invitation to the church to learn about YWAM (4 min.)
Get Going - A video about YWAM's Discipleship Training School (5 min.) Think YWAM - A sit down talk with two YWAMers sharing YWAM's widespread ministry (10 min.)

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It is also important for the mission to display a unified international image. Through a consistent use of the YWAM Logo and other communication pieces, we can better reflect our unity and diversity.

The brochures, the DVD and the Go Manual, help communicate YWAM's uniqueness and diversity in a consistent way throughout the world.

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