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About intimacy

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The practice of prayer is done in so many ways. It is used by many different religions, which have different purposes for it. Most of them is about appeasing a certain diety in order to receive a certain blessing. In the Christian faith prayer goes much beyond that, although it is part of it. Through the example of Jesus his disciples and followers learned that prayer is about having intimacy with God the Father. This makes relating to God much different than any other religion. It puts them on the same level as in father-son relationship, which is opposite of what the other gods in those days were like as being these unreachable, unlovable and wrathful beings.


How to pray? The method of prayer can be different from each person. There is the method of silent prayer, which is praying with only using your thoughts. The so called Korean prayer, which is a prayer in which the whole gathering of Christians is praying out loud at the same time. Further on prayers can be read from a book, can be song, can be written down, with eyes closed, with eyes open, with hands up or down, jumping if some one is in the mood for jumping, etc.

Another thing to highlight is that it is not only about us talking to God. In the DTS the student learn about how to listen to God's voice. This is something that is easily overlooked when bringing our lists of requests to God about money and other issues. That's why it is important to learn humility in front of this awesome God and open our ears to what He says to us. He is very personal and loving when He speaks. And oh yes, rebuking at times. But loving.


To specifically pray for others is called intercession. To stand together and to specifically focus on the needs of others helps us to not focus only on our own needs. Which is important if we want learn how to love others.

Prayer for healing

Like Jesus was reaching out to His people, in the same way we are able to reach out to our generation. Which includes also His healing ministry. Using prayer is key, because we can only depend on the might of God's healing hand.

Prayer Points

To have other people pray for us and our ministries we can share our prayer needs in prayer points, which can be shared by using newsletters, put on blogs or shared personally.