Pioneering New Ministries in YWAM

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August 2008 -- YWAM GLT Working Paper - DRAFT

Isaiah 62:10,: "Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations."

Pioneering New Ministries in YWAM
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Synopsis YWAM applauds the release of new pioneering efforts and challenges our staff to innovate and multiply in order to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
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Pioneering New Ministries in YWAM

YWAM applauds the release of new pioneering efforts and challenges our staff to innovate and multiply in order to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Therefore, both the sending location and receiving location will welcome and facilitate pioneers to begin new YWAM ministries, allowing them to pursue their dreams and vision without unnecessary requirements or hindrances. Concretely, this means that every receiving entity must welcome the entry of new teams into their sphere; and every new team must begin developing relationships with the local YWAMers immediately upon arrival, or better yet, before.

Because of YWAM's relational nature, whether you are the sender, receiver, or pioneer, be proactive in effective relationship by excellent and continued communication and cooperation with the others involved. Make time to listen and understand each other's hearts, clarifying hopes, expectations, and concerns. Extend and build trust, believing the highest/best in the others involved.

In every geographic location on earth, YWAM has leadership[1] in place that is responsible for the coordination, facilitation, and over-sight of YWAM activities there. Our leaders have cleared paths, gained valuable local experience, and prayed diligently for more workers among the people they have loved and served. Welcome their advice and include them in your planning. Our leaders desire to multiply and pray for workers from their own locations to be sent out elsewhere to begin new ministries. We encourage this releasing attitude and trust that our pioneers will be freely sent out and commended from existing ministries and schools.

Because YWAM values decentralization, we believe that local accountability and care is in the best interest of the individuals entrusted to us. Ideally, a ministry that commissions and sends out a new team will continue to love and support those sent out even though they relinquish their over-sight responsibility as these pioneers rightfully begin to relate to YWAM leadership in their new region.

YWAM desires to empower its ministries and pioneer teams by giving them freedom to decide on their own vision, residence, and YWAM staff[2] additions, rather than leaving such decisions to the leadership in either the sending or receiving regions. However, all ministries and pioneer teams must use care to protect our existing ministries and staff within a nation by honouring any legal status and responsibilities to which YWAM may be subject within that nation regarding our YWAM name, ministries, properties, finances, and visa requirements.

YWAM respects the countries and peoples among which we minister. We believe that prioritising language and cultural study is helpful in launching more effective and enduring ministries. This also helps to nurture humility and a learner attitude in our workers.

For more resources about pioneering check out this article FAQs about new teams.

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  1. Contact information for our leaders can be found through or in our "GO Manual". Leaders may be from our YWAM Global Ministries and/or Geographical structures.
  2. A person who has successfully completed a YWAM Discipleship Training Course.