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YWAM England and Wales UofN Coordinator - Job Description

The UofN prefers the term coordinator to director because the essence of the job is not to be in charge of training, but to release others into their areas of ministry. Let us take the warning of Dr Ted Ward seriously; "Beware of people who have a tendency or need to control."[citation needed]</noinclude>

Track All YWAM Training Activities in the Nation, Including

  1. Which schools and seminars are happening and are planned and coordination of dates.
  2. School leaders and staff - keeping an eye on their qualifications, recruiting, continued training and development.
  3. Students - numbers, where they are coming from, demographic makeup of schools.
  4. Speakers - who is coming in to the nation, can they be channelled to additional ministry situations, are they the right people in the right school etc.

Watch Over the Information Flow

  1. Ensure that the geographical leadership has a good picture of the training ministries in the nation.
  2. Ensure that the right information is flowing to the Registrar, to the Academic Affairs Office, to the Colleges, etc.
  3. Ensure that the information on the nations training gets to be printed in the catalog, international brochures etc.

Recruit Students

  1. Develop, in conjunction with the training bases and the national leadership, effective national communication and recruiting strategies.
  2. Work out ways for present students to be recruited into national ministries, foreign missions and other UofN schools.
  3. Publicize UofN degree programs and work with students and staff to encourage them to pursue career training strategies.

Work on Unity and Accountability to Minimize the Alienation Factor

  1. School leaders with YWAM and UofN - to ensure that all appropriate people attend national, international, regional UofN faculty workshops and are in relationship with the right people in the UofN structure.
  2. For non UofN training activities - ensure accountability through Darlene[who?]'s office.
  3. Training people.
    1. With each other around the nation and in close nations and language groups.
    2. With the national leadership so that the training serves the national goals.
    3. With joint outreaches in which several schools and ministries work together, enabling the synergy of the UofN work, as the Lord leads.

Quality Control

  1. Work with Academic Affairs and the faculty committees to evaluate and improve the quality of our training, with a special emphasis on the quality of outreach training.
  2. Staff training (see § IB[citation needed]</noinclude>)*.
  3. Speaker care - watching out for the welcome, hospitality, housing and honoraria of our visiting faculty members and speakers.
  4. Students - "get their inheritance" [Whatever that means - SS]*


  1. All the closest YWAM bases (see § IVA[citation needed]</noinclude>)*
  2. Develop and maintain relationships with the other Christian training ministries in the nation(s).
  3. Research and track developments and future trends in secular education in the nation(s).

Strategic Thinking

  1. Praying, planning, and encouraging the multiplication of existing schools, the development of new ones, and the increase in size (as led by the Lord and confirmed by geographical leaders) and effectiveness of training bases.


  1. Since isolation and nationalism are two of the biggest dangers confronting the UofN, work on the international networking of all training staff, students, teams and ministries to get out there and get a bigger vision for impacting the whole world

National Coordinator's Reporting Relationships (Aka Recipe for Confusion)

  1. To the National Director, and therefore to the National Leadership Team.
  2. To the UofN (Registrar, Academic Affairs, Faculties).
  3. To International DTS Centre.


  1. A ministry of training.
  2. A vision for the UofN and all its ministries.
  3. A commitment to all nations.
  4. A burden for a specific nation.
  5. A heart for unity with all the various accountability groups.
  6. Good at communication.
  7. The ability to form and maintain relationships.
  8. Unqualified support of the National Director and National Leadership Team.
  • these 3 items were added in at some point and may or may not reflect the job description as Tom Bloomer et al would see it. I will try to clarify them.