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YWAM UofN School Leaders and Staff Appointment Policy

Policy Statement:

School Leaders and School Staff are:

In addition, before leading any U of N school, the school leader must have staffed that same school at least once before leading that school. Any exception to this (other than the designation below) must be processed for approval by the local base leadership, the International Dean/Centre Director, and a representative from the Provost Office.

A YWAMer cannot be a student and be on the staff of the same school.

A YWAM staff member who decides to take a school becomes a student, registers as a student, and does all student assignments. Students normally have a work duty of about 2 hours a day (maximum 12 hours per week). Many times students are given responsibilities in the schools, such as leading intercession, worship, etc. which may be considered all or a part of their work duty. However, no student, whether former YWAM staff member or not, may actually lead the school. The Biblical principle is to do then teach[citation needed]</noinclude>; if people who have never done the school as students end up leading, then they are trying to lead where they have not yet gone.

For other policy statements pertaining to School Leaders and Staff please see the following documents in the U of N Reference Guide: "UofN School Leader's Preamble"; "UofN School Leader's Responsibilities"; UofN School Leader's Characteristics"; "UofN School Leader's Accountability".


The only exception is when a new school with a new course number runs for the first time ever; it is understood that someone has to pioneer. See "Policy and Procedure For Staff-Student Experience in A Pioneer School".

School Leaders and Staff Appointment Policy; App'd: ILT, Singapore, Sept. 2002; Printed July 12, 2005 U of N Reference Guide. Copyright © 1995 by YWAM/U of N; revised 1997, 2000, 2005. All Rights Reserved.