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Policy Statement

A seminar may receive U of N credit if it is a minimum of one full learning week (i.e. five fulltime learning days) and is registered properly by the seminar leader and approved through the appropriate College/Faculty or Centre. Although '[correction needed]' seminars are encouraged in order to meet specific YWAM training needs, they cannot be registered with the U of N. (Example: a seminar held in the evenings only.)

Students may attend any number of seminars and workshops that offer 1-6 credits each prior to completion of a DTS/CDTS. Only 6 seminar credits may be taken in any one course. Though Students may take a limitless amount of seminars for credit, they may use a maximum of 12 seminar credits toward a U of N degree upon approval of the U of N Student Advisor of the appropriate College/Faculty in which the degree programme is offered. Some or all of these credits may be obtained prior to or after the DTS/CDTS. Credit for a full learning week of a seminar and a course cannot be obtained simultaneously.

Policy Purpose

The vision of the U of N includes an extensive year-round seminar programme including seminars, short courses, workshops and conferences. Some, but not all seminars carry academic credit and are often open to the public as well as to U of N students.


  1. If the seminar is to receive U of N credit it must be fully documented on a FORM A and be sent, along with the seminar registration fee, to the appropriate U of N International Registrar Office who will review it, record it and direct it on to the appropriate International College/Faculty for evaluation and approval. Seminars that are part of a registered U of N course, must be registered separately with a FORM A.
  2. If the seminar is registered with U of N, then all seminar participants must be registered on a FORM B and the student registration fee submitted with the FORM B to the appropriate International Registrar's Office.
  3. Within 48 hours of the closing of the seminar, the seminar is to be reported, and the grades recorded, on a FORM C1 and sent to the appropriate International Registrar's Office. Without a FORM C1 it is not possible for students to receive U of N credit. Seminar grades are given as follows:
    1. Seminars of 3 full learning weeks, or of lesser duration may generally be graded using "S" for satisfactory and "U" for unsatisfactory. However, there are some grading U of N schools, with grades "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F." These exceptions may occur when:
      1. The seminars have been designed as integral segments of a registered U of N school.
      2. The seminars are special requirements for a degree programme.
    2. Seminars of more than three full learning weeks duration must be graded according to the guidelines for grading other U of N courses, with the grades "A," "B," "C," "D," or "F." Please see "Grading Explanation"[citation needed]</noinclude> in the School Leader's Reference Guide or the current U of N Catalogue.

U of N Seminar Policy and Procedure; 96-98 U of N Catalogue; Rev' ILT, 2004: Printed August 4, 2005 Page 2 of 2 2005 U of N Reference Guide. Copyright © 1995 by YWAM/U of N; revised 1997, 2000, 2005. All Rights Reserved.