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XI Policies and Procedures

YWAM England has policies and procedures to ensure the delivery of training that fulfills the training aspects of the overall work of Youth With A Mission Limited.

They cover every area of our training from seminars to degree courses.

  1. Each training location will have a YWAM England Training Policy and Procedures Pink Folder in an accessible location containing all up-to-date policies and procedures in written form.
    1. It is likely that the policies and procedures will be available on CD-rom and on the internet but those forms will not supplant the Pink Folder.
    2. When the folders take an electronic form they should be in 'locked pdf' format.
  2. Our affiliation to the University of the Nations means there are policies and procedures delivered to us and are considered adopted.
  3. Other policies and procedures are prepared by YWAM England's Training Team and approved by the English Leadership Team.
  4. There are many areas where policies and procedures need to take account of current law such as employment law, data protection etc. In which case policies may need to be scrutinised by and approved by the YWAM England Board.
  5. Approved policies and procedures are adopted when the relevant documents are sent to each training location for incorporation into the Pink Folder. When the relevant documents supersede existing documents the existing documents are to be removed and destroyed.
  6. Policies and procedures may be modified, deleted or updated through the same process as the creation of new policies and procedures.
  7. Policing of the policies and procedures is the responsibility of the YWAM England Training Director for the English Leadership Team.