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  1. The potential school leader first needs to determine what College/Faculty the school would come under by conferring with the International Dean(s).
  2. In the early planning stages, it is essential to consult with the International Dean on outcomes, content, appropriateness, choice of speakers, educational approach, etc.
  3. After this consultation the Form A should be filled out and sent to the appropriate U of N International Registrar's Office.
  4. The U of N International Registrar's Office will then send the Form A to the International College/Faculty Dean most closely related to the school for his/her signature.
  5. It is then sent to a second International Dean of a College/Faculty that most closely relates to the subject matter.
  6. The Form A is then sent to the Provost Office for the signature of the International Provost. The course is not approved and will not receive credit or a number until the full approval process is complete and the International Provost has signed the Form A.

Note: this process is time consuming and needs to be started well in advance of when the school is to be run. Six to 12 months is advisable.

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