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Approval to run course

Approval to Run a UofN Course in YWAM England and Wales

  1. The process of gaining approval to run a course allows the initiator access to support and wisdom to run the best and most appropriate course and lets the course find its place in the overall picture of training and communication strategy for YWAM England and Wales.
  2. There are two bodies who need to process the decision to run a UofN course - the UofN and YWAM England.
  3. Approval from YWAM England. Approach your base/team leader at the earliest stage. They will meet with you and advise you on whether you will need to bring your course plans to the England or Wales.
  4. Leadership Team meeting for approval.
  5. Approval from the UofN is gained by completing and submitting UofN Form A to the local registrar's office - in our case in Harpenden.